September 2015

September 29th is World Heart Day, and to honor it, we wanted to highlight a story about a recent Australian study that found text messages helpful in improving the lives of patients with heart disease. Yes, you read that right: text messages. 

About 350 patients received around four text messages per week that reminded them to do things such as exercise more, eat less salt or quit smoking. At the end of the study, researchers found these patients were more likely to remember to take medications, lose weight, quit smoking, increase physical activity and participate in other... Read More »

  If you are a parent, grandparent, or maybe an aunt and uncle, you know that a child’s safety is your number one priority when you drive with children. You’ve probably remarked at how many more safety features are available for children now than when you were a kid. Whether you are a little new to the updated world of child safety or a seasoned pro, here are some things you want to keep in mind when putting your child in the car and driving off:   Don’t buy a used seat from a stranger - Used seats purchased from a garage sale, Craigslist or thrift store are a risk for your baby’s safety. The... Read More »
Pregnancy is an exciting time. You’ll probably begin to notice a lot more people are offering you advice – whether you want it or not. Although people are well intentioned, some may be ill informed and may unnecessarily scare you with misinformation. We’d like to dispel a few myths about how to be safe during your pregnancy.    Dyeing or Perming Your Hair - Regardless of what others might tell you, the chemicals in these products have no effect on the health your baby. There is no need to alter the way you want to look during your pregnancy.   Sunbathing and Tanning Booths - Neither... Read More »