5 Myths About Your Pregnancy That Need to be Dispelled

Pregnancy is an exciting time. You’ll probably begin to notice a lot more people are offering you advice – whether you want it or not. Although people are well intentioned, some may be ill informed and may unnecessarily scare you with misinformation. We’d like to dispel a few myths about how to be safe during your pregnancy. 
Dyeing or Perming Your Hair - Regardless of what others might tell you, the chemicals in these products have no effect on the health your baby. There is no need to alter the way you want to look during your pregnancy.
Sunbathing and Tanning Booths - Neither sunbathing nor tanning booths are unsafe for your unborn baby, as long as you don’t allow yourself to get a severe burn. Take caution when out in the sun and use sunscreen. You don’t want to harm your skin.
Painting the Nursery - The fumes from painting your nursery will have no effect on your baby as long as you keep a window open for ventilation. There is no real difference in what type of paint you use; just remember to keep the room ventilated.
Exterminator - If you have to call an exterminator, it is ok to do what you need to get pests out of your home. Remember, after the exterminator has sprayed chemicals, you should stay out of the house for a few hours. Be sure you ventilate your home when you return. 
Raising Your Hands Above Your Head – This is definitely an old wives tale, and is nothing to worry about. No harm can possibly come to your baby from this action. Raise your hands in the air and celebrate that one.
It is important to be cautious and ask questions to your OB-GYN throughout your pregnancy. At Hillcrest Hospital Henryetta we are fortunate to have Dr. Amy Hurlburt, who has years of experience and can answer your pregnancy questions. If you’re pregnant and would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hurlburt, call (918) 650-1190.