Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

It has been a long week of extreme heat for Northeastern Oklahoma.  If you are running out of ideas to stay cool when the thermometer is reading 100 or greater, here are some fun ways to beat the heat.

Go Barefoot

When you can, lose the shoes.  When we get hot, our feet tend to sweat, especially when we are wearing shoes without socks.  Give your feet a rest and allow the air to cool your skin and the blood in your feet.  As the blood vessels take that blood to other parts of your body, you will feel a greater sensation of coolness.

Cold Spritzer

Keep a spray bottle of water in the refrigerator and spray your face, arms, and legs when needed to help regulate your body temperature.  Spraying your wrists can also help cool down the blood flowing throughout your body. 

Keep the Water Handy

Did you know when you get dehydrated your body temperature rises?  One of the best things you can do to help stay cool is to stay hydrated.  Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.  You are more likely to reach for the water when you are thirsty rather than drinks you should avoid when it is hot (those with caffeine, alcohol, and too much sugar).

Fruit Smoothie

 Either make one at home or treat yourself to a fruit smoothie from your favorite place.  A fruit smoothie is a great way to cool down, while also getting the added hydration from fruit.  Try replacing a meal or snack with a fruit smoothie and you will also feel better by eating light.

Give the Oven a Break

After being in and out of the heat all day, the last thing you probably feel like is cooking in the kitchen.  So don’t!  Opt for no-cook meals that keep you and your kitchen cool in the heat.  Here are some great “Cool Recipes for Hot Days” ideas from the Hillcrest Pinterest board.

Take a Cold Shower

Cold showers are a great way to help your body cool down when extreme heat sets in.  There are also other health benefits to cold showers including improved blood circulation, increased immunity, and a boost in energy. 

Do you have a unique way of staying cool this summer?  Share your ideas with us on Facebook!